Top Five Best Manga Comics That You Should Read Now

We now achieve market equilibrium in the English language. Publishers take a chance on granting licenses to lesser-known titles and venerable backlist series in addition to the most popular tags, which are simultaneously translated with Japanese releases. Because of this, we can now read some of the finest manga series. Moreover, I dug far and wide to compile this list of the top 5 manga comics.  However, whether you’re a beginner or an old manga reader, the manga comics on this list should make you feel the happiest you’ve ever been. So, here are the top five manga comics that you should read.

1. Sailor Moon –

Sailor Moon, one of the finest magical girl manga, holds the prestige of being the series that taught the genre series as we learn it today. Usagi Tsukino, the protagonist, discovers she is the Sailor Moon, a warrior entrusted with defending Earth from evil. Thus, she creates more Sailor Scouts along this path to assist him in his goal. Moreover, these fighters are intended to symbolize the other planets in the solar system.

2. The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy –

Read the manga comic “The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy.”

Reading unfavorable reviews of my book made me pass out. Even though I was almost dying of shock, a ‘Grim Reaper’ led up and informed me that it was immoral to a poor writer. Besides, I advised that I had to take the past of the conclusion of a Novel to atone and reach heaven. Then I started reading the Novel. “The others too! Why did I get this remedy? Unfortunately, the Demon Prince, a non-soldier who dies at the beginning of the Novel, was the character I had. Moreover, read The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy Chapter 1, The Demon Prince Goes To The Academy Chapter 2… and more up to 99!

3. Inuyasha –

One of the considerably well-known female mangakas working today is Rumiko Takahashi. Her working body includes several significant pieces, including the gender-bending martial arts romance comedy Ranma ½. Kagome, a Japanese schoolgirl who accidentally falls into a well at her family’s sanctum and is thrust into the Sengoku era, is the main character of Inuyasha. Later, he encounters the half-dog demon Inuyasha there, and mischief follows.

4. The Banished Sage Who Escaped His Childhood Friend

The magician Haru (the manga’s main character) is experiencing torturous days with Leticia, a friend from his childhood. However, the manga comic “The Banished Sage” tells the story of a man’s battle against his childhood friend’s authority and restrictions. Haru agrees to constant criticism and abuse from his buddy Leticia to get control over his life as a magician. He decides to start again to prove himself in society. Finally, all the conflicts between Haru and Leticia are over at the end of the Novel, and they start being together again.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist –

Fullmetal Alchemist is frequently in the top ten answers when asking manga readers to choose their favorite. In the manga, when their effort to raise their mother from the dead goes horrifically wrong, two brothers look for the Philosopher’s Stone to recover their bodies. Evidently, but it goes much outside that. It explores the dynamics between brothers following a disaster. Moreover, it also has some of the most outstanding female characters you’ll ever come across in a manga and an engaging story involving betrayal, atonement, and sacrifice.

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