Bespoke Exhibition Stand- Important Elements to Consider

There are numerous marketing strategies and channels out there that provide desirable results, but when it comes to allowing for a direct and impactful approach, exhibitions are certainly up there. Among the different branded materials you create, your exhibition has an unmatched potential for immediate impact.

Once you have picked the ideal event for your exhibit, numerous potential customers will walk past your display and consciously or subconsciously link your stand’s quality to that of your brand.

To ascertain success, it’s advisable to take a customized approach and work with an agency that comprehends the significance of getting things right in this regard. That being said, here are some simple and straightforward elements to keep in mind:

Brand Continuity

While your exhibition stands may seem like a standalone structure, it represents your brand in a visible manner. If you only work with a basic stand builder, chances are you’ll miss on the expertise and creative thinking required to lend a cohesive brand experience.

Factor in the marketing message, the specific products or services you wish to promote as well as the deeper message that the stand conveys. Are you a brand that values sustainability? A custom-made stand provides the opportunity to showcase this through digital interactions, the sustainable materials used to build it, and even the eco-friendly refreshments you offer.

Telling the Story

The term ‘’Storytelling’’ is something that you have probably come across countless times whenever it comes to marketing. While it’s certainly overused, it does not diminish the efficacy of stories in grabbing people’s attention. An exhibitor’s space within a hall presents an opportunity to create something unique and thrilling, rather than just a generic space.

Some industries excel in this aspect more than others. For example, in the pharmaceutical niche, exhibitors must focus on crafting a compelling story around the product they’re selling, which is typically a small white pill. Without visually appealing elements, they must delve deeper into the significance of the pill they are offering.

On the contrary, in industries like automotive or technology, the product often speaks for itself. However, that’s not to say that exhibitors couldn’t benefit from incorporating storytelling. Use a marketing agency Hampshire for creative branding, web design, 3D & animation, print and tender support services.

Customer Experience

When we discuss exhibition stand design, it entails more than just visuals. Stand design should take into account the overall customer experience; ranging from catching their attention and encountering friendly faces, to engaging with knowledgeable staff and experiencing the small details that make the interaction beneficial and memorable.

A generic, ready-made exhibition is not designed with the needs of the visitors in mind. A reputable agency that creates custom solutions understands the significance of exceptional design and its potential impact.


In addition to creating a visually striking presence, factor in the elements that will captivate passersby, and draw them to your stand. Is it possible to hire a guest speaker? Can you incorporate digital elements into your stand? By partnering with a skilled events agency, you can have a design that is impactful and keeps your objectives at the forefront.


A bespoke exhibition stand offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to have total control over the different aspects like design, messaging, shape, seating, lighting, colour and refreshments.

Consider your end goal. Do you wish to foster conversations and networks? Are you looking to launch a new product or service? Collaborating with agency partners can help you in creating a stand and brand experience that perfectly aligns with your objectives and creates a remarkable visitor experience.

In order to encourage meaningful interactions, it is paramount to carefully consider every element of their time spent at your stand. You can alternatively enlist the support of an agency that specializes in creating engaging experiences

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