Why You Will Love Retiring in Long Island

Long Island is one of the most interesting parts of the country, close to The Big Apple, yet distinct and perfect in its own way. Although it can be pricey, many retirees are flocking to this area to start their next chapter in life. Why?

If you’re considering retiring here but aren’t sold yet, these are the top things that make Long Island so alluring!

1. The Awesome Views

There’s no area as beautiful as Long Island. Whether you end up on the beach or within the thriving neighborhoods, every portion of this island is gorgeous and well cared for. In the winter, when most of the tourists have vanished, the island is quiet, and it’s the best time to walk the beach and enjoy the fantastic scenery.  

This can be even better if you invest in something fun, like a metal detector, which can make every single walk a little better. Don’t be surprised when you find some real treasures on this beach!

2. Walkable Neighborhoods

When looking at Long Island houses for sale, you’ll be shocked at how walkable many of the neighborhoods are! Away from the crazy nightlife of the city and the roaring businesses, the areas are usually a quiet escape. You can walk to the corner store without fearing getting run over by traffic and walk late at night without feeling uncomfortable in the dark city streets.

These are some of the most walkable areas close to New York City and are absolutely worth retiring on. This can ensure you keep in motion long after retirement.

3. Fantastic Entertainment

There’s no end to the entertainment in Long Island! Live plays, awesome concerts, incredible museums, and so much more can fill every single day. Even if you spend a month exploring a new attraction every single day, you would barely be scratching the surface.

Although there’s absolutely more to do and see in the summer, in the winter, it can be nice to move at your own pace and look at attractions based on how long you want to spend time on them.

4. Close Enough to NYC

If you ever get the wild urge and want to visit The Big Apple, it’s close enough that you can bus in! Instead of struggling with traffic, or being unsure about how to get anywhere, most of Long Island has easy access to the big city and gives you a chance to explore that as well! Consider joining one of the local retiree groups, which provides you with travel buddies.

5. More Affordable Than You’d Expect

Don’t fear the price tag! A lot of Long Island is far more affordable than you’d expect, giving you more land and a newer property than you’d expect to be able to afford. Make sure to come shopping in the winter for the best deals possible. 

Long Island is The Best Place to Retire!

Whether you’re planning on retiring next year or in twenty years, it’s a good idea to consider Long Island. This beautiful area is full of culture, history, and beauty- and it’s easy to see why anyone would want to live here.

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