What happened to Hunter Moore’s IsAnyoneUp website?

Hunter Moore, also known as Is Anyone Up, was a notorious hacker and online predator. He was once one of the most popular people on the internet, but his past has caught up with him and his website is now offline. What happened? Moore’s website was once a cesspool of online voyeurism, where users could upload photos or videos of unsuspecting individuals and share them online. These images and videos often ended up on sites like 4chan and Reddit, where they were shared thousands of times. Moore’s website was also a hub for online harassment, where people would target individuals with negative comments and posts. In fact, one YouTube video that points out all the horrible things that Moore’s site has done has received more than 8 million views. The thing is, this sort of behavior wasn’t just limited to Moore. Websites like IsAnyoneUp helped to normalize this kind of behavior and make it acceptable in the eyes of many people. As a result, it’s now more important than ever to raise awareness about these issues and try to change things for the better.

What is Hunter Moore’s IsAnyoneUp website?

Hunter Moore’s infamous website, IsAnyoneUp, has been deleted. The website gained notoriety in 2009 for its list of anonymous profiles of people who had hit on the site’s users. Shortly after being exposed as a scam by Gawker, Moore was sentenced to three months in jail and ordered to pay $230,000 in restitution.

Since the site’s deletion, many have speculated about what could have happened to it. Some believe that Moore may have taken the site down to avoid further legal trouble. Others speculate that he may have been hacked and the site removed as part of an attempt to cover up his tracks. Whatever the truth is, it seems that Hunter Moore’s days of internet fame are behind him.

What are the allegations against Moore?

The website that was once home to the infamous “IsAnyoneUp” series of images featuring nude or partially nude young women has seemingly disappeared from the internet. The series, which started in 2007 and ran until at least February of this year, featured hundreds of photographs of anonymous female students from across the United States.

Many of Moore’s victims have since come forward to speak about their experiences with him, and many others have accused him of sexual misconduct ranging from unwanted advances to outright assault. In light of all of these allegations, Moore has been effectively banned from the entertainment industry and has lost his job as a radio host in Alabama.

Where is “IsAnyoneUp?”

Moore first started posting images on IsAnyoneUp in early 2007. The website remained active until at least February 2018. On January 3rd, 2018, Moore was arrested on child pornography charges after FBI agents executed a search warrant on his home. During this time, investigators discovered over 1,000 images and videos depicting child pornography on Moore’s computer.

Moore has since pleaded not guilty to all charges against him and is currently awaiting trial.

How did the investigation into Moore’s website come about?

In early December of 2017, reporters from The Daily Beast discovered a website called that appeared to be founded by then-30-year-old Hunter Moore. The website allowed users to submit photos of themselves for possible publication on the site, with the assumption that Moore would use his large social media following to post the photos.

However, shortly after The Daily Beast’s investigation was published, it appeared that all traces of IsAnyoneUp had been erased from the internet. While no concrete evidence has yet been produced linking Moore to the website or its disappearance, many believe that he was behind its deletion in order to avoid scrutiny.

What are the consequences of the investigation?

Hunter Moore, the founder of the now defunct website IsAnyoneUp, was arrested on allegations of child pornography and exploitation in October of 2012. The website was shut down shortly thereafter. In the wake of his arrest, many questions have arisen about what happened to IsAnyoneUp and what implications it may have had on Moore’s victims.

The website hosted images and videos that appeared to be taken of underage girls engaged in sexual acts. Some victims have come forward to allege that Moore took pictures or videos of them without their consent, while others claim that he used their images for financial gain or distribution within the online community.

There is no doubt that the closure of Hunter Moore’s website has had a serious impact on those who were affected by it. Many people feel betrayed by Moore, who they thought represented an open platform for discussion and collaboration. Others are still struggling with the aftermath of the site’s closure – feeling exposed and vulnerable to further abuse.

Will Moore be charged with a crime?

Hunter Moore, the creator of the now-defunct IsAnyoneUp website, has been charged with felony possession of child pornography. The website allowed users to anonymously post images or videos of themselves with the intention of finding sexual partners for underage children. Moore was also charged with using a computer to produce child pornography and advertising his website using a computer to produce child pornography.

Moore could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

What happens to Moore now that his website has been taken down?

Hunter Moore’s infamous website, IsAnyoneUp (IAU), was taken down earlier this month after several women came forward to accuse the 29-year-old of sexual harassment. Moore has denied any wrongdoing and is currently facing multiple lawsuits.

The website, which was originally created in 2007, allowed users to post anonymously asking other users if they were up for a “threesome, foursome, or anything else” with them. Many of the posts on IAU are now being used as evidence in Moore’s legal cases.

Moore’s website was shut down after he was contacted by the FBI and MPAA about the sexual harassment allegations against him. The website owner told The Verge that he didn’t want his site to be associated with a “bad name.”


In the early days of the internet, Hunter Moore was one of its most notorious figures. He created IsAnyoneUp, a website that allowed people to anonymously ask others if they were “hot.” The site quickly became popular, and Moore made a fortune off of it. However, things changed in 2011 when Google caught wind of the site and removed it from their search engine. It wasn’t long before Moore went bankrupt, and he’s since disappeared from the internet. What happened to IsAnyoneUp?

There are a few possible explanations for what happened to Hunter Moore’s IsAnyoneUp website. One possibility is that he was never actually responsible for creating the site – someone else may have used his name without permission. Another possibility is that Moore simply ran out of money and couldn’t keep up with Google’s removal efforts. In any case, Moore’s story provides a revealing look into the early days of the internet – and at the dangers associated with being an online celebrity too quickly.

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