Rico Bosco Video: Barstool Sports Personality Suspended

Rico Bosco is a Barstool Sports personality who has been suspended for violating the company’s social media policy. This policy prohibits employees from engaging in any type of misconduct that could damage the brand or its reputation. This suspension comes on the heels of another controversy involving Bosco, in which he made a derogatory comment about Houston Texans player JJ Watt on social media. Bosco’s comments have since been deleted, but not before they were captured and shared online. In short, Bosco is an outspoken individual who has a history of making inflammatory comments and violating company policies. Given this information, it’s no wonder he was suspended. However, it’s also worth noting that his suspension does not mean that Barstool Sports is against free speech; it simply prohibits Bosco from engaging in any type of misconduct that could damage its brand or reputation.

Reaction to the Suspension on Social Media

As the Barstool Sports personality Rico Bosco learned on Monday, October 9th, he has been suspended by the company for an unspecified amount of time for “conduct detrimental to the organization.” Bosco’s suspension comes after a video was released on Sunday, October 8th, which shows him appearing to body slam a woman. In the video, Bosco is seen confronting a woman and throwing her to the ground before appearing to body slam her. The woman can be heard telling Bosco that she has a child and pleaded with him to stop. Bosco then appears to drop down next to her and says “I’m just doing what men do,” before leaving the scene.

Rico Bosco’s suspension is met with mixed reactions from social media users. Many are outraged at Barstool Sports for suspending Bosco while he is still under investigation; others defend him, stating that he should not have been caught on camera in the first place. While many people are outraged at Barstool Sports’ decision to suspend Rico Bosco, many others are standing behind him and defending his right to free speech.

Outlook for Rico Bosco

Rico Bosco, the popular barstool sports personality and co-founder of Barstool Sports, has been suspended by the company after being accused of sexual assault. Bosco is facing a felony charge after an accuser filed a police report alleging that he assaulted her in January. The accuser says that the assault occurred during a party at Bosco’s apartment and that she was incapacitated due to drink consumption at the time. Bosco has since issued an apology and denied any wrongdoing, but the suspension from Barstool Sports will likely impact his career.

Background on Rico Bosco

1.Rico Bosco is a sports personality who is currently suspended from his job at Fox Sports. Bosco was caught on camera making anti-gay statements. He has since issued an apology and said that he does not believe in hate speech, but will not be returning to work with Fox Sports.

2. Bosco is a former professional boxer and commentator. He made his mark as a commentator on the pay-per-view broadcast of the Manny Pacquiao-Timothy Bradley fight in June 2014. Bosco frequently used inappropriate language while commentating, including calling Bradley a “faggot” and a “wimp.” In response to the outcry over his comments, Bosco issued an apology on YouTube:

3. “I want to take this opportunity to apologize for any words that may have offended anyone during my time as an MMA commentator for Fox Sports last year… I do not believe in hate speech and did not mean anything by any of the comments that I made. I know that my actions clearly showed otherwise and I am truly sorry for all the hurt that I have caused.”

4. Bosco’s suspension comes after months of scrutiny from Barstool Sports, which initially hired him but then placed him on leave after learning about his past homophobic remarks. In February, Barstool Sports published audio from an appearance Bosco made on its SiriusXM radio show in which he makes repeated anti-gay references.

Barstool Sports’ Response

In response to the video of Barstool Sports personality Rico Bosco being accused of sexual harassment, the company released a statement on Tuesday morning saying that Bosco has been suspended while they investigate the allegations.

“We take these matters seriously and we have suspended Mr. Bosco while we investigate the allegations,” said Dave Portnoy, CEO of Barstool Sports. “Our culture is one of respect and due process, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that all involved parties are treated fairly.”

Bosco was recently fired from his role as co-host of the “Pardon My Take podcast” after an incident in which he was captured on video making racist jokes about Brazilians during a game between the United States and Mexico.

What Happens Next?

Rico Bosco, a Barstool Sports personality, has been suspended indefinitely after probation violations. Bosco had already been warned about his behavior and was previously sentenced to fifteen days of community service. The longtime ESPN writer was recently caught on camera making derogatory comments about women. Barstool Sports released the following statement:

“We were made aware of some troubling behavior by one of our employees and have suspended him indefinitely pending an investigation. We take these matters very seriously and will not tolerate any type of inappropriate or disrespectful behavior from any of our employees.”


Rico Bosco has been suspended by Barstool Sports. The suspension comes after a video surfaced of Bosco making disparaging comments about women in the workplace. This is not the first time that Bosco has made headlines for inappropriate behavior: he was previously caught on camera grabbing and slapping a woman’s butt at a party. Regardless of his past, this latest incident underscores the importance of having clear and consistent workplace policies, as well as effective disciplinary action when violations occur.

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