An Inside Guide to Where They Filmed ‘The Ultimatum’ in Austin

When you think of Hollywood productions, what city does your mind immediately jump to? For many people, it’s probably Los Angeles. And for good reason: L.A. is home to some of the most iconic movie studios in the world. But what about other cities? What about smaller towns that are perfect for a cinematic backdrop? In this blog post, we will take a look at where the hit film The Ultimatum was filmed in Austin. From the streets to the red-carpet events, read on to learn all about this exciting production.

The Location of ‘The Ultimatum’

The movie was shot in Austin, TX. Here is a guide to where they filmed some key scenes:

1) The bank robbery scene – This scene was shot at the Wells Fargo Bank on I-35 in downtown Austin.

2) The standoff at the motel – This scene was shot at the Days Inn off of Burnet Road.

3) The helicopter chase – This scene was shot over Austin and surrounding areas including Round Rock, Georgetown, and Leander.

4) The bar fight – This scene was shot at the Paradise Bar and Grill in downtown Austin.

The Production Crew of ‘The Ultimatum’

1.The Ultimatum was shot in Austin, Texas over the course of a month. Here’s a look at the production crew who made it all happen:

2. Director Fisher Stevens: Stevens directed the film and wrote the screenplay. He has worked on such films as The Place Beyond the Pines and Lincoln.

3. Producer Laurence Mark: Mark is responsible for producing and bringing the project to life. He has experience in both film and television production, having worked on projects like Game of Thrones and House of Cards.

4. Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey: McGarvey has worked on some high-profile features, including Amour and Hugo. His camera work captures the Wes Anderson aesthetic beautifully.

5. Production Designer Daniel Bensadoun: Bensadoun is responsible for creating the look and feel of the film. He’s previously collaborated with directors like Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen.

6. Editor Thelma Schoonmaker: Schoonmaker is an Oscar-nominated editor who has worked on films like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Whiplash. She brings her own unique style to The Ultimatum’s editing room.

What to Expect while Watching ‘The Ultimatum’ in Austin

If you’re a fan of action movies, then you’ll want to check out The Ultimatum, which was filmed in Austin last year. This movie is about a group of people who are trying to take down a businessman who has been doing bad things.

The Ultimatum was shot in and around Austin over the course of two months. Some of the locations that were used in this movie include the Renaissance-style Hotel Van Zandt and the UT campus.

If you’re interested in seeing where some of the scenes were filmed, then there are several places that you can go to get a look. One place that is well known for its Hollywood appearances is Barton Springs Pool. This pool was used for one scene in the movie where Nick (played by Tom Hardy) and his team are trying to take down the businessman. You can also go to Lady Bird Lake, which was used for another scene where Nick and his team are trying to get away from the businessman’s men.

Location scouting

Location scouting for the film The Ultimatum was a long and arduous process for the team. Much of the movie was shot in Austin, Texas, but it wasn’t easy finding all of the perfect spots.

The production team scouted out locations in and around Austin over a period of many weeks. They looked at different neighborhoods, looking for spaces with variety and potential to represent different parts of the city.

Some popular spots used in the film include North Loop, Barton Creek Greenbelt, South Congress Avenue, and Emory University. The production even spent time at Zilker Park to get a feel for its vibe and look.

Ultimately, finding the right location was key to making sure that the final product looked and felt like Austin.


1.In the summer of 2013, director Nimród Antal shot his latest film in Austin, Texas – The Ultimatum. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried, the movie follows a group of strangers who must band together to survive after a series of devastating events causes society to crumble.

2. To get the perfect shots for the movie, Nimród Antal went to some familiar locales. “We filmed in North Lamar and Burnet,” he says. “And we also used locations in Round Rock and Lakeway.”

3. One of the most iconic locations used for The Ultimatum was Barton Springs Pool. “[It] served as a great backdrop for many scenes involving water,” Nimród Antal says.

4. Other popular filming spots included Lady Bird Johnson Park and the Capitol building. “Both were really amazing settings,” Nimród Antal says. “And [the Capitol] was especially convenient because it’s practically at our doorstep.”

5. The Ultimatum’ in Austin. If you’re ever in the Austin area and want to check out some of the places where The Ultimatum was filmed, Nimród Antal recommends heading out to North Lamar or Burnet neighborhoods. And if you’re looking for more information about this highly anticipated film, be sure to check out Nimród Antal’s blog post on Locations: The Ultimatum – Austin, Texas!


1.After months of preparation, production on The Ultimatum finally came to a close this past weekend in Austin. Filming locations included the Capitol and the University of Texas Campus. The Capitol served as the backdrop for several key scenes in the film, while UT provided an abundance of background scenery for other shots. Below is a breakdown of where and what was filmed at each location:

2. The Capitol: The Capitol served as the primary filming location for several pivotal scenes in the film. These included a confrontation between Max and his father, as well as a shootout between Max and his enemies.

3. University of Texas Campus: UT provided an abundance of scenic backdrops for filming throughout the school year. This included shots of Max driving around campus, as well as exterior shots of his dormitory building.


If you’re a fan of movies, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen the film The Ultimatum. Released in 2009, it tells the story of two brothers who are caught in a bitter rivalry with each other. In order to settle their differences, one brother sends the other an ultimatum: come to Austin and fight him in what will be the ultimate martial arts showdown. If the brother refuses to show up, his sibling threatens to reveal all of his dirty secrets. Needless to say, this little bombshell sets off a chain reaction of events that leads our heroes on an incredible journey through Texas’ iconic landmarks.

Thanks for reading! We hope that this article has helped give you some insight into where The Ultimatum was filmed in Austin and given you some ideas on things to do while visiting this amazing city. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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