What Chicago PD Actress Marina Squerciati Got From Her Dad

Marina Squerciati is an actress and model who was born in Chicago. She has appeared on the television show Chicago PD and has also modeled for Prada, Versace, and more. In this article, Marina shares some of the wisdom she learned from her father, a successful entrepreneur. From starting his own companies to helping him navigate life’s curveballs, Marina learned a lot from her dad. And what better way to learn than by example? So if you’re looking for advice on how to be successful in life or just want to hear a great story, read on for insights from Marina Squerciati.

Marina Squerciati’s Father Was an Italian Policeman

1. Chicago PD actress Marina Squerciati has spoken about her father, an Italian policeman, in a new interview. Squerciati says that despite the fact that he worked in law enforcement, her father was “the most loving and caring man” she has ever met.

2. Squerciati describes her father as someone who always put others first. “He would do anything for anyone no matter what the cost,” she said. “He was always there for me and my sister.”

3. Squerciati credits her father with teaching her to be independent and to value hard work. “I know I’m not where I am today without all the hard work my dad put in front of me,” she said.

Marina Squerciati Has a Rare Genetic Condition

1. Marina Squerciati has a rare genetic condition. her father is diagnosed with the same syndrome. Marina and her father share a lot in common: they both have a rare genetic condition, they both have an intense interest in art, and they both are proud of their Italian heritage.

2. When Marina was growing up, she always knew there was something different about her. She was never quite sure what it was, but she knew that she had something in common with her father – he also had a rare genetic condition called Marfan Syndrome. It’s a disorder that affects the connective tissue in your body and can lead to serious health problems, including heart disease and stroke.

3. Despite his health challenges, Marina’s dad is one of the strongest people Marina knows. He’s always been fiercely independent and has never let anything stop him from achieving his goals. That’s testament to his spirit – as well as to the strength of his Marfan Syndrome diagnosis.

4. Marina is inspired by her father’s resilience and determination, and she wants to make sure that other families know about Marfan Syndrome. She started a blog called “Surviving Marfan” which discusses the syndrome and how to cope with its effects. She also participates in fundraising events for charity organizations that focus on improving the lives of people with Marfan Syndrome.

5. In addition to helping others, Marina also uses her platform to inspire others who have similar struggles – like herself – to keep going no matter what obstacles

Marina Squerciati’s Father Taught her How to Shoot a Gun

1.Marina Squerciati’s father taught her how to shoot a gun when she was just a little girl. She eventually became an accomplished marksman, and she now uses her skills to protect herself on set.

2. “My dad always took me out and we would go shooting at the range,” Squerciati told the Chicago Sun-Times. “I really owe him my love of shooting.”

3. Squerciati is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors, starring in hit TV shows like Chicago P.D. and Suits. But even in the hectic world of show business, safety is always top priority for the actress. That’s why she credits her father with teaching her how to shoot at such a young age – it has helped her stay safe on set and protect herself when things get tough.

4. “It’s definitely something that I use constantly,” Squerciati said of her shooting skills. “I feel pretty confident with it.”

5. Although Squerciati started out as a beginner, she quickly learned how to handle a firearm safely and effectively. Her dad was also a big influence in her career choice, helping her develop an interest in law enforcement and acting simultaneously.

6. “He’s really proud of me,” Squerciati said of her dad’s reaction to her success as an actress. “He just feels really grateful that I stuck with it.”

Marina Squerciati’s Dad Was an Extreme Athlete

Marina Squerciati’s dad was an extreme athlete. He competed in track and field at the Olympics and was a professional runner. Marina learned a lot about fitness from her father and credits him with helping her develop a strong work ethic. Marina also got to experience a lot of travel while he was competing, which she credits with teaching her how to be independent and have fun.

Marina Squerciati Shares Her Father’s Crazy Stunts

1.Chicago PD actress Marina Squerciati got a lot of wisdom from her father, including his love for performing crazy stunts. “My dad’s a daredevil,” she says. “He loves to do things that other people wouldn’t dare do.” Growing up, Marina would watch her dad perform daring acrobatics in front of audiences around the country. “It was always such an inspiration to me,” she recalls. “I learned that there is nothing impossible if you set your mind to it.”

2. Marina credits her father’s positive outlook on life for helping her become an actress. “He instilled in me the belief that anything is possible as long as you try hard enough,” she says. “And I think that has served me well throughout my career.” Nowadays, Marina stars as Detective Abby Scruggs on Chicago PD. And like any good daughter, she takes some cues from her dad when it comes to acting…

Marina Squerciati Supports Mental Health Awareness

1. Growing up, Marina Squerciati had an interesting relationship with her father. On one hand, he was a strict and demanding figure who always demanded perfection from her. However, on the other hand, she learned that he also loved and cared for her very much.

2. As a result of this duality in their relationship, Marina Squerciati developed a strong sense of self-awareness and Mental health awareness.

3. Recently, Marina Squerciati spoke about her Father at TEDxChicago and how his duality shaped her views on mental health. She said: “I think because I have two fathers–one who pushed so hard and one who let me find my own way–I think I’m really sensitive to mental health issues.”

4. In addition to speaking about her father at TEDxChicago, Marina Squerciati has also been vocal about Mental Health Awareness in the Chicago Police Department. In 2015, she created the “Blue Light Project” which is a campaign aimed at helping law enforcement officers deal with Mental Health issues. She has also partnered with organizations like The Institute for Human Rights & Ethics in Law (IHR E) to promote mental health awareness within law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.


Marina Squerciati learned a lot from her dad. For one, he taught her how to drive and shoot a gun. But what she really appreciates most is his encouragement to always be herself – no matter what people might think about her looks or background. As an actress, Marina has experienced the highs and lows of Hollywood, but she knows that nothing can compare to the love and support of those closest to her. So if you ever get the chance to meet Marina Squerciati, don’t forget to tell her thank you for being so amazing!

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