Ernst and Young Invested $64B to Support 3000 Startups

Startups are a vital part of our economy, and one of the fastest-growing sectors is the tech sector. In celebration of this growth, Ernst and Young (EY) has announced a $64 billion initiative to support 3000 startups over the next five years. This is an ambitious goal, but it’s one that EY is confident it can achieve. Of course, there are a lot of factors that will contribute to this success, but one big part is the firm’s investment in technology. This investment will go toward things like data analytics, artificial intelligence, and more. It’s clear that EY sees the importance of technology in helping startups grow and prosper. This is a positive move for the industry as a whole, and it’s one that we should all applaud.

What is Ernst and Young?

1. Ernst and Young is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in the United States. The company has over 190 offices in 50 countries.

2. Ernst and Young provides audit, accounting, tax, consulting, and other business services to businesses of all sizes around the world.

3. In fiscal year 2013, Ernst and Young generated revenue of $27 billion. The company has a long history of investing in startups, with over $540 million invested in 84 startups since 1997.

How Ernst and Young Invested $64B in Startups

In the past year alone, Ernst and Young has committed over $64 billion to support startups in a variety of ways. The firm is particularly focused on investing in technology companies and those with innovative products or services. In addition to this investment, Ernst and Young also provides counseling and other resources to help startups grow.

One of the ways Ernst and Young supports startup growth is by investing in early-stage companies. This type of investment allows startup teams to focus on their business goals while they continue to build their product. Additionally, Ernst and Young invests in later-stage companies that have already achieved some level of success. This helps them expand their operations and bring new products or services to market.

Overall, Ernst and Young believes that supporting startups is critical for future economic growth. By investing in these businesses, they are helping to create new jobs and promote innovation throughout the economy.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Startups?

One of the benefits of investing in startups is that it can provide a return on investment (ROI) significantly faster than traditional investments. In fact, according to a study by Forbes, startups can deliver an ROI as high as 500 percent within five years.

Another advantage of investing in startups is that they typically have high growth potential. This means that if you invest in a startup early on, you are likely to see significant returns. Furthermore, startup companies are often pioneering new industries and technologies which could have enormous future value.

Finally, investing in startups can be very exciting because it offers the opportunity to be part of something new and innovative. This can be a real challenge and thrill – not to mention an excellent way to make money – for those who are prepared to take on this risk.

Why Is It Important to Support Startups?

Startups are important for businesses for many reasons. They represent new innovation and creativity, which can help a company stay ahead of the competition. In addition, startups often have a lower cost of entry than larger businesses, which can allow them to compete more easily in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Startups also provide a testing ground for new products and services, which can help companies determine if they are viable and improve their chances of success. Finally, startups can be a valuable source of employee talent and experience. By supporting startups, businesses can ensure that the future is bright for innovative companies that may one day become household names.


Ernst and Young Investments, one of the world’s largest financial advisory firms has announced they have invested a total of $64 billion in startups globally over the last five years. This investment is an indication that Ernst and Young believes in the future of startups and sees the potential to create real value for their clients. By supporting many early-stage companies, Ernst and Young is helping to drive innovation across many industries and creating jobs worldwide.

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