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When purchasing an electric planer, it is vital to consider certain factors. As it is a critical tool for your garage, it should be the best one to your knowledge. One of the most important aspects is the power of the electric motor. This is measured in watts, and the higher the wattage, the more powerful the planer is. 

  1. RPM rate

If you need a planer that will efficiently plane wood, you’ll need to choose one with a high RPM rate. This will allow you to achieve the smoothest surfaces possible. Electric planers are useful for various tasks, including smoothing out the surface of doors and other wood surfaces. 

The RPM rate of an electric planer can vary greatly between corded and battery-operated models. An electric planer with a high RPM rate will allow you to cut more wood in less time. If you are looking for a hand-held electric planer, look for one with a soft grip and an ergonomically-angled handle


  1. Maximum planning depth

Electric planers are a powerful tool for woodworking. Like hand planes, belt sanders, and jointers, they are designed to shave wood to the desired thickness. From leveling joists to making stubborn doors close quickly, you’ll find many uses for your power planer.

The depth of cut is one of the most important factors for effective planning. Luckily, most models come with depth control knobs that can be adjusted to the desired cutting depth. Some even come with click stops that provide positive depth control. 

Electric planters also vary in width and depth. A wider planing width means a shallower maximum planning depth, but it will also allow you to remove more material in one pass. Most planers are three-and-a-half inches wide, but you can also find a wider model for larger jobs. 


The electric planer blades are mounted in the middle of two metal plates and move up and down by a knob that is usually located at the front of the tool. Most hand-held electric planers can achieve a maximum cut depth of 3/32 of an inch. Keeping the blades properly aligned will ensure a smooth finish.

Electric planer blades are mainly made of high-speed steel, but some manufacturers have recently started making them out of narrow strips of carbide. The blades of an electric planer should last for several years before you need to replace them.

If your planer needs replacement blades, the procedure is easy. The new blades have a slot that matches a slot on the drum. Insert the new blade into the slot and make sure it is centered on the planet so it does not rub against the sides of the machine.

  1. Finally, the Price Range

A cordless electric planer may be the best choice if you’re looking for a hand tool to reshape wood. These tools give you the power and speed you need to shape your wood quickly and easily without the hassle of a cord. 

They can also be portable, so you can use them while on the go. Some models also feature ergonomic handles so you can maintain a firm grip on the tool.

  1. Verdict

An electric planer’s motor should be at least five Amperes. Some planets can be as powerful as 6 Amperes. Choosing the power level based on the amount of work you’ll be doing with the tool is important. A higher-powered planer may have better quality. The grip is also important, especially for hand-held power tools.

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