How Custom Branded Packaging for Your Coffee Business Can Be a Huge Boost

Packaging for coffee has to do more than just keep the product fresh and safe: It has to function as your most important branding tool. In most cases, customers won’t be sampling your coffee or deciding based on taste or aroma when shopping. Instead, all they’ll have to go off of is the branding and information on your packaging. 

Logo Space Keeps Your Brand in People’s Minds

The human brain loves small pictures. That’s why logo design is a competitive field. A simple and memorable design on your custom coffee packaging provides an easy way for consumers to identify and remember your brand. 

When designing a logo, remember that simple is best. Instead of going for photorealistic detail or intricate lines, use negative space and implication to define the form of your logo. If you’re using a symbol such as an animal or object, consider all possible associations with that symbol and how each ties into your brand philosophy. 

Tasting Notes Convince Customers To Buy

One benefit of custom packaging over an ordinary bag or sticker is that you can add branding to the entire package. The front of your coffee packaging is a great place to include tasting notes so consumers have an idea of what they’re purchasing. 

It may be obvious to you, as a coffee professional, that a french roast will be full-bodied and bitter while a medium-roasted tropical coffee will be fruity and light. However, don’t assume the customer knows coffee varieties by name alone.

Detailing the flavor of the coffee on the outside of the packaging performs two vital roles: selling the coffee to the consumer and matching the consumer with the coffee they’re most likely to enjoy. Upgrading to resealable packaging is a great way to ensure the consumer keeps those flavors at their peak for longer. 

Colors Project Your Brand Image

Custom branded packaging allows for color and depth that’s not possible from ordinary coffee packaging. Many small roasters use a plain bag and a sticker with the name in Times New Roman font, so custom packaging is a smart way to stand out and craft a unique brand image. 

Did you know that the colors you choose for your packaging inspire emotions in a consumer when they see those colors on a shelf? Though black, brown and gray are tones associated with coffee, including pops of color draws the eye to your brand over competitors. Here are some common colors and their associations in marketing:

  • Red: passion, impulsiveness, increases appetite
  • Yellow: happiness, warmth, draws the eye
  • Orange: youthful, confident, fun
  • Green: eco-friendly, healthy, natural
  • Neutrals: sophisticated, luxury, calm
  • Blue: reliability, safety, curbs appetite 

Incorporating color increases visual interest and entices more people to try your coffee. Staying away from cooler colors in favor of warmer greens, reds and yellows can evoke the energy coffee provides. 

Packaging for coffee has to go beyond function in order to be an effective branding tool. Quality materials in custom printed stand up pouches both keep your coffee fresh and allow for a full brand expression on the shelf

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