The Spirit Of Dubai Perfume by Abjar

If you’re thinking of purchasing The Spirit Of Dubai fragrance, you’ve come to the right place. You can order free hand-decanted samples of this perfume from Fragrances Line. The fragrance contains notes of sand dunes, rose hype, and Abjar. It’s perfect for the woman who enjoys sensual fragrances. For more information, visit


The Spirit Of Dubai fragrance by Abjar is a leather scent. It was released in 2017 and has become a top seller among perfume lovers. The fragrance embodies the city and celebrates its culture. The name of the scent comes from a legendary stallion called Abjar. The fragrance evokes memories of ancient fragrances and legends. The fragrance comes in a lacquered wooden display case that opens to reveal the fragrance. The case also features a story about the Second Generation of the Abjar family.

Desert dunes

The spirit of Dubai resides in the desert, where the dunes have a unique, magical aura. The Spirit Of Dubai fragrance exudes this same spirit, using a rich blend of musk, agarwood, and dry amber. This blend is balanced with a floral note of rose.

This luxurious fragrance is a symbol of Dubai, a symbol of wealth, progress, and awe around the world. It is crafted by Nabeel, a leading company in the luxury fragrance industry with 50 years of trusted experience. The fragrance is inspired by Dubai’s culture, poetry, and ancient culture, as well as its pearl-diving tradition.

Rose hype

Rose Chypree is a rich floral chypre with a veiled gauzy haze of rose at its heart. It’s a sensual, pulsating floral with a touch of earthiness. The rose notes are abstract, mingled with hints of black patchouli, citrus, and cinnamon.

The Spirit of Dubai is a luxurious fragrance collection inspired by the defining aspects of the city. Its scents reflect the city’s rich heritage, cosmopolitan society, and Arabian horses. The fragrance is made up of only a few sprays that are appropriate for the city.

The fragrance is an eau de parfum blend that contains rose petals, rose absolute, and Rosa damascena. It costs A$2,700 for a 100 ml bottle.

Sand dunes

Inspired by the city’s sandy beaches, The Spirit of Dubai fragrances are beautifully crafted tributes to the many outstanding aspects of Dubai. The brand’s first line of fragrances, Bahar, pays homage to the city’s coastline, while its second line, Rimal, pays homage to the city’s skyline. The collection also features the scent Oud, which takes its cues from traditional Arabic fragrances.

The fragrance has seven different notes, each representing a different element of Dubai. It is a sensual experience that evokes memories of a magical destination. The collection features a rich, deep note of a wonderful fragrance.


The Spirit of Dubai Seaside is a fresh, aquatic fragrance with hints of amber, citrus, and woody notes. The fragrance is inspired by the white sands of the coast and the rich Jumeirah residential area. The top note is Sea Notes, while the heart and base notes are aquatic-woody and oriental.

The fragrance is inspired by the sea, desert, skyline, and heritage of Dubai. It is available in Eau de Parfum and Pure Perfume Oils. It also comes in Ultra-luxe Perfumed Body Lotions. It is also available in an exquisite bottle with carved waves on the front.

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