How to Buy Used Cars From Jay Wolfe

How to Buy Used Cars From Jay Wolfe If you are thinking about buying a used car, you have many options. One of the best places to look is at the dealerships of Jay Wolfe Toyota of West County. This dealership is located conveniently in Ballwin and is one of the premier locations to purchase quality used cars, trucks, and SUVs. For more information, visit


In order to make a valid contract, the parties must first make an offer to each other and then accept the offer. In this case, the parties are Jay Wolfe Used Cars of Blue Springs, LLC and Tyrell C. Jackson, Liane K. Jackson, and Robert J. Morrison, of Kansas City, MO.


This lawsuit claims that Jay Wolfe Imports Missouri, LLC, a used car dealership in Blue Springs, Missouri, engaged in a scheme to defraud a young couple who purchased used cars from them. This act violated the Uniform Commercial Code and the Motor Vehicle Time Sales Act. Moreover, the defendant charged the Jacksons with unreasonably high legal fees that exceeded 15% of the contract amount.

Originally, the plaintiff in this lawsuit was Future Finance Corporation, LLC. However, the defendants merged and assigned the plaintiff’s rights to the latter. Upon merger, Future Finance Corporation moved to substitute Jay Wolfe, LLC as the plaintiff, and the court granted the motion.

Date of filing

A contract between a buyer and seller is a valid contract if there is an offer, acceptance and consideration. In this case, the parties were Jay Wolfe Used Cars of Blue Springs, LLC and Tyrell C. Jackson. Respondents were Liane K. Jackson and Robert J. Morrison of Kansas City, MO. The case is ongoing, and the parties are requesting a continuance of the hearing on the merits of the appeal.

Location of dealership

In the West County, you can find the Jay Wolfe Toyota dealership. This dealership is known for its dedication to customer service and community involvement. It carries a wide selection of new and used Toyotas. You can also find a large inventory of parts and accessories at this location. For more information, call us at (314) 881-0728 or visit our website.

Terms of sale

When buying used cars, it’s crucial to understand the terms and conditions of the sale. By signing the sales agreement, you are agreeing to buy the car from the company you’re planning to buy it from. The terms of sale for used cars vary greatly, and they should be reviewed carefully before signing. In some cases, a contract will have special provisions that are not included in another contract, such as an arbitration clause.

When buying a used car from Jay Wolfe, it’s important to know what the company’s terms and conditions are. The following sections of the Terms of Sale may be helpful.

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