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There is no KAT website anymore, but there are proxy sites, which are run by different administrators. When the US government seized the KAT servers, its staff members shut them down, and it has not returned. These days, there are alternatives to KAT, such as 1337x and The Pirate Bay. Both of these sites are able to provide users with the software they need, without a fee.

Alternative URLs to KickAss Torrents

Those who don’t want to pay for a subscription to a pay-per-view service can now find and download movies, TV shows, and music using alternative URLs to Kickass Torrents. Many people prefer downloading movies and music via these sites because they have a user-friendly interface, and they can search for torrents by category. Although The Pirate Bay has been blocked by many ISPs, there are a number of other popular alternatives to Kickass Torrents. One such alternative is Zooqle, which has over 3 million verified torrents.

These alternative URLs to KickAss Torrent clones will look exactly like the original site and function the same way. Many users will be happy to see that these sites are still working, even though Kickass itself was shut down a few years ago. Besides being easy to navigate, these alternative URLs will also help you access movies that are blocked in your area.

Kickass Tv Shows

TGx is another great option for catching up on your favorite kickass tv shows. While it lacks the KAT functionality, it has an active uploader community and streams some releases. While the site’s interface is easy to navigate, it may feel intimidating to new users. TGx is not free, and there are many ads, but you can get rid of them by installing uBlock Origin, which blocks most of them.

Another alternative to KickAss Torrents is Torrent9, which offers verified torrents. Torrent9 has a visually stunning UI and various content sections. It’s also home to a random movie. It’s important to stay away from unknown kAT mirrors as these are likely to ask you for credit card details and lead you to download malware. If you don’t want to take the risk of downloading torrents from Kickass, you can also use The Pirate Bay, which has become the world’s largest torrent site.

Final Words:

LimeTorrents is another popular alternative URL to KickAss Torrents. LimeTorrents also has great torrent files, but is less reliable than Kickass Torrents in terms of regular availability. Although it lacks older torrent files, LimeTorrents offers fast speeds and a large community of seeders. The main disadvantage of LimeTorrents is that it lacks the same variety of content as Kickass Torrents.

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