The NR8 and NR11 Norwich Postcode Areas in Norwich, Norfolk

If you live in the NR8 area, you may want to find out more about it. In addition to Norwich, there are a number of other areas within Norwich Postcode where you can buy a house or find a rental property. If you don’t know much about these areas, this article will provide you with some basic information. Read on to learn more about these areas! After you’ve found out about the NR8 area, you can find out more about NR10 and NR11.


The NR8 postcode area in Norwich Postcode includes 16 different post towns and 35 different postcode districts. The area covers central and eastern Norfolk and parts of north-east Suffolk. See the NR8 postcode map below to find out where exactly you are located. If you are not sure where you are, check out a map of Norwich, UK and see what the NR8 postcode area map shows you. Listed below are all of the postcode districts in the NR8 area, as well as their towns and cities.


The NR9 postcode in Norwich is part of the wider region of Norfolk, England. It includes the towns of Hingham, Frans Green, Little Melton, Lenwade, Barnham Broom, and Hethersett. This postcode is located approximately 13km west of the city center and is also known as an outcode. As a postcode in the Norfolk Upper Tier Local Authority, NR9 has some unique characteristics. Those living in the NR9 postcode are classified as white collar workers, tenants, and rural residents. The Index of Multiple Deprivation for NR9 is 29861.


Located in the city of Norwich Postcode, the NR10 postcode area consists of 810 individual postcodes. It is divided into 98 electoral wards under the Broadland Council authority. The majority of people in this postcode area are AB socioeconomic grade, which is equivalent to middle-upper-class or white-collar workers. Listed below are some statistics about this postcode area.


The NR11 postcode in Norwich is in England’s Norfolk County. It is the home of medieval Norwich Cathedral, a Romanesque building with ornate cloisters. Its two imposing gates lead to the Tombland district, a former Saxon market. A museum at the Bridewell tells the history of the area, with re-created pharmacy and exhibits on the textile industry.


If you’re looking to buy a house in the NR12 postcode in Norwich, you should know that the city of Norwich is located in the county of Norfolk in England. The city is home to the medieval Norwich Cathedral, a stunning Romanesque building with ornate cloisters. Two imposing gates lead to the Tombland area, once a Saxon market. The Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell traces local history, and you can visit the re-created old pharmacy or explore the city’s textile industry.


The NR17 Norwich Postcode is part of the Norfolk town region and contains 596 individual postcodes and 40 electoral wards. The postcode area is administered by the Breckland Council. The population of the NR17 postcode is mostly white-collar and affluent, with about 27% of the population claiming to be AB social grade. There are also reports of COVID-19 cases.


If you’re looking for a property in Norwich and live in the NR18 postcode, you’ve come to the right place. Its postcode is based on a grid reference that’s TG129030. The area that includes the postcode is South Norfolk, 007C(E01026933).


If you are searching for a home in the NR19 postcode in Norwich, you have come to the right place. Listed below are some facts about the NR19 postcode area. This is one of the postcode areas in Norwich, England, and it includes seventy-nine different postcodes. There are also 37 electoral wards in the NR19 area. NR19 is under the Breckland Council authority. Almost 17% of people living in this area are classified as AB social grade. AB is a social grade which means middle-upper class or ‘white-collar’.


If you’re looking for a place to live in Norfolk, you should consider the NR20 postcode. This postcode area is home to several different towns and villages, including Guestwick, Dereham, Beetley, North Elmham, East tuddenham, and East bilney. You can also live in the nearby villages of Swanton Morley and Foxley, as well as the wider Norwich city area.

Final Words:

The NR21 postcode in Norwich is located in the county of Norfolk in England. This city is home to medieval Norwich Cathedral, a Romanesque building with ornate cloisters. The Tombland area, which was a Saxon marketplace, is reached through two imposing gates. A museum at the Bridewell traces the history of the area, with exhibits on the textile industry and re-created antique pharmacies.

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