Display Your Instagram Feeds On Website With These Simple Steps

If you were looking for different strategies and techniques to include Instagram feeds into your website, you’ve come to the right place!

This article will discuss the easiest way to include Instagram feeds on your website. The procedure can be finished using the mentioned approach in just a few clicks and steps.

To get spectacular results, savvy firms and marketers have always integrated social media content into their websites. If you want to keep up with the times and prevent your rivals from outperforming your efforts, then this tactic is for you.

Instagram has established itself as one of the most popular and widely utilized social networking sites in the world among all others. Large numbers of people use the website, and Instagram users frequently use it to voice their ideas. More user engagement, better website presentation, social proof for the business, and other advantages may result from further aggregating and displaying Instagram feeds on website.

Let’s begin the steps right away.

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The Most Simple Way To Integrate Instagram Feeds Into Your Website

Utilizing A Social Media Aggregator

The best online resources for gathering, curating, and displaying social media content from multiple social media platforms are social media aggregation tools. Most of the time, the tools are quite simple to use and may successfully assist customers in creating an Instagram widget that matches their tastes and likes.

To finish the procedure, you must employ a social media aggregation tool, such as the Taggbox widget. One of the top social media aggregators available online, this tool has a wealth of options that may be utilised to enhance the Instagram widget’s appearance and functionality.

To get the most out of your choice of social media aggregator, you should pay close attention to the tool’s features.

Step 1: Sign up for the tool and collect the Instagram feeds

Once you have decided on your favorite tool, you must log in by setting up a free account. You will find the dashboard area of the tool once you log in.

Pick the social networking platform you like to collect your feeds from. In this situation, the tool you should use for content aggregation is Instagram. You would next need to select your connection type. There are choices available, such as hashtags, profiles, etc.

The aggregated feeds will then appear in the widget editor after you click Create feed and enter the required information.

Step 2: Modify and personalize the Instagram widget’s content

You must tweak the Instagram widget after it is created in order to enhance its overall appearance. The tools you choose will determine the customization options. Themes, layouts, colors, and other options are available for the users to choose from.

Users will also be able to monitor the content by eliminating any objectionable content from the Instagram widget, assuming the tool allows it. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the content before it goes live on the website.

Step 3: Copy the created embed code, then paste it into your website to include the widget

It’s time to start the embedding procedure right away. You must click the Embed widget to create the embed code once you are certain that the Instagram widget is properly configured with premium quality content.

To copy the shortcode to your clipboard, select Get code. Additionally, you may have the choice to change the Instagram widget’s height and width to better fit the overall design of your website.

Log into your admin account after selecting your website creation platform. The website area or template you want to integrate the Instagram widget on should be selected. Go to the website’s backend section and paste it into the section where you wish to embed the Instagram widget. 

Lastly, save the changes to complete the process successfully.

Reasons To Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website 

You got to know about the complete embedding process and if you are wondering about the benefits of including an Instagram widget on your website, then read on. 

  • Bring the vibrance of Instagram to your website 
  • Garner more attention from your website visitors and boost engagement
  • Display User-Generated Content to build a social proof 
  • Drive-in more conversions and sales 
  • Instill trust and confidence within your customers

Final Conclusion

We’ve come to the end of the post, and you now know how to integrate the Instagram widget on your website in the best way possible. Using a social media aggregation tool like the Taggbox widget would make it very simple to follow this instruction and complete the process easily and seamlessly.

Now that you are aware of the procedure, start it right away, and you’ll be good to go!

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