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Microsoft Azure AZ-204 – Preparation Guide


This Microsoft Azure AZ-204 certification exam assesses your ability to do the following technical tasks: These duties involve creating Azure computing solutions, creating storage solutions for Azure, and implementing Azure cloud security. Monitoring, debugging, and improving Azure solutions are also included, as is connecting to and consuming Azure and third-party services. Candidates should also have subject matter experience in developing, creating, testing, and managing cloud computing applications and services on Microsoft Azure.

An Azure Developer’s primary duties include engaging in all aspects of cloud development, from requirements definition through design, development, deployment, maintenance, performance optimization and monitoring.

What does Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure (AZ-204) entail?

Azure certifications are for IT and cloud workers with 1-2 years of experience with developmental processes and tools who want to advance their skills by passing the AZ-204 test.

According to Microsoft, the test demands you to have or acquire a solid knowledge base in the following areas:

  • SDKs for Azure
  • PowerShell in Azure
  • CLI for Azure
  • Options for data storage
  • Data interconnections
  • APIs
  • Authentication and authorization for apps
  • Deployment of computing and containers
  • Debugging
  • Performance optimization
  • Monitoring

Why should you take the Microsoft Azure AZ-204 exam?

Since you’ve opted to take the Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Test AZ 204 exam, you must you grasp its significance and the rewards that come with it.

  • The Microsoft Azure AZ-204 exam assesses a candidate’s ability to perform technical tasks such as developing for Azure storage, implementing Azure security, developing Azure compute solutions, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimising Azure solutions, and connecting to and consuming Azure assistance and third-party services.
  • In addition, after passing the Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204, candidates will be awarded the Microsoft certified professional: Azure Developer Associate credential.
  • Furthermore, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate is part of a job-role-based reorganisation of Microsoft certifications that began in late 2018.
  • This certification is designed for applicants who work as Azure Developers daily, creating and designing cloud-based technology solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud system.

Exam Specifics

Now, let’s go through the fundamentals of the Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204 test. The Microsoft Azure AZ-204 test allows a candidate 150 minutes to finish the exam; ensure that you finish and review the exam inside the time limit. In addition, the test type is Multi-Response and Multiple Choice Questions.

The Microsoft AZ-204 questions range from 40 to 60, depending on the nature of the test. In addition, the AZ-204 certification test costs USD 165. In addition, the Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204 test is accessible in English. Furthermore, the Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204 test has no expiration date.

Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-204 Study Guide

Let’s review some preparation procedures for the Microsoft Azure (Beta) AZ-204 test. As a result, the first step for each applicant should be to visit the official certification portal. The certification website informs the candidate about the availability and scoring procedure of the beta exam. 

The following are some procedures that the applicant should take –

Revise Exam Objectives

A more in-depth examination of each domain of the Microsoft Azure AZ-204 test can provide further insight into the exam’s objectives. Therefore, candidates should study the goals; if they understand what the exam is looking for, it will be easier to prepare.

  • First and foremost, create Azure computing solutions (25-30 per cent)
  • Second, create for Azure storage (10-15 per cent)
  • After that, set up Azure security (15-20 per cent)
  • Furthermore, monitor, diagnose, and optimize Azure solutions (10-15 per cent)
  • Finally, connect to and use Azure and third-party services (25-30 per cent)

Consult the Blueprint.

The next stage for efficient preparation is to obtain a study guide. You may download the study guide or test guide from the official certification portal. Candidates should obtain the test blueprint to learn about the objectives and other important information. The blueprint is a solid tool for studying only the essential test information and for improved AZ-204 exam review.


Candidates should select appropriate Microsoft online coursesfrom reputable Microsoft certification training providers. The primary advantage of such online AZ-204 training courses is the capacity of subject matter specialists to provide professional guidance. Furthermore, knowing all test subjects in appealing lesson films with practical demonstrations makes studying easier and more effective. 

Candidates also choose hands-on laboratories as much as possible to finish their learning in real-world scenarios. In addition, hands-on laboratories help students enhance their ability to tackle technical problems in certification examinations. The candidate can sign up for the Azure free tier and the hands-on practice.


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