What is HR Toolkit? What are the Benefits of HR Toolkit?

Every human being is born with the desire to mastery. Toddlers are a great example of this phenomenon. Take a look at a toddler just taking their first steps. They fall easily. As they continue to be watched, you’ll notice that they are always willing to try again, no matter how many times it happens. Every human being has an innate desire to mastery by HR Toolkit. 

This drives them to continue on their path. It doesn’t matter whether they are learning to walk, or managing a multi-billion dollar company with thousands of employees, this “innate desire to mastery” is the single, unifying force that propels individuals, nations, and businesses towards their individual goals and ambitions.

This equation of progress also includes “continuous improvement”. This desire to continuously improve is what drove transportation to move from horse-carriages and handcarts to bullet trains and supersonic planes within the last 100 years of human existence.

When at least one of these conditions is met, improvement can be said to be achieved.

You can get the same or better output with less resources

Higher quality and greater quantity are achieved by using the same number of resources or more.

All human resource departments around the world strive to achieve condition 1, which is equal or better quality output with fewer resources. It is easy to see why. The reason is simple. Budgets tend to favour revenue-generating areas of the business such as research & development, sales, and marketing. This means that many HR teams are limited in resources. To show improvement, HR departments must demonstrate that they can do more with fewer resources.

The HR Toolkit represents a huge leap forward for HR teams in achieving condition 1, which is doing more with less.

What’s the HR Toolkit?

The HR Toolkit is an advanced solution that’s specifically designed for startups, small and large businesses, and HR professionals who want to maximize the potential of their human resources team.

This toolkit includes everything you need to manage employee policies, recruitment, and statutory template, as well as employee compensation, performance management, exit process documents, that can be used instantly on all online and offline platforms.

How will my HR team benefit from the HR Toolkit?

Imagine that you post an advertisement in a local listing.

Nine responses are received the next day. After checking availability with the application team, you send an email to the candidates. You schedule three phone interviews and six interviews via video for tomorrow. Your team has only interviewed seven candidates today. The remaining two candidates are notified via email that you have rescheduled. Your team has shortlisted three developers from the nine by the end of week. The team sends out feedback letters and offer letters to six of the six candidates who were not shortlisted. A joining bonus email is sent to one of the shortlisted candidates, and two contract information emails are sent to the two other shortlisted candidates.

As a recruiter, you could write several dozen emails during the process. This is equivalent to nearly a whole day of productive work.

This time-saving toolkit is designed to reduce the HR Toolkit to just a few seconds.

Here’s how:

Eliminate Information Pipelines Bottlenecks: Information moves at a specific speed from one HR professional (or vice versa) to another. Information that is difficult to find, requires verification or is poor quality can slow down the HR system.  HR Toolkit provides you with full access to a collection of ready-to use HR templates. This is the fastest way to find the information you need, whenever you need it.

Modify Modules Just the Way You Want It: All templates in the Free HR Toolkit can be customized to your specifications. You can instantly edit any template or document according to your business needs with MS Word, MS Excel and Adobe Acrobat.

Make smarter use of your time: Get instant access to all important HR templates and documents. This saves time and allows HR professionals to spend more time on core HR functions such as creating employee development strategies or improving existing appraisal processes.

What Will My HR Team Gain After Using HR Toolkit?

Job Description Templates

This section includes many job description templates. These templates were specifically created to save companies time and allow them to write detailed descriptions without wasting their time listing the necessary qualifications and skills. This section contains detailed information about the job and a picture of the requirements for the candidate.

Standardized Employee Policies

The HR toolkit contains a complete set of employee policies. It includes everything you need, including employee handbooks, code and anti-sexual harassment policies. There are also annexures for travel request policies, leave application policies and compensation policies. These policies can be easily sent to your employees at any moment – no editing required.

Performance Management module

Your business will grow as your employees increase. The complexity of managing people increases with the addition of more employees to your company. As time goes by, you’ll need a standard process to establish different goals for employees and compare their actual performance against benchmarks during the appraisal process. This performance management module includes a detailed performance review, a performance improvement document, a template to rate performance, and warning/appreciation letters you can send your employees based on their performance.

Formats and Records

You might need to ensure that all transactions, from travel requests to stapler pins, are recorded and documented accurately as your business grows. Because of the principle of respecting and discreeting use of company resources, it will be an important rule for employees. This module contains templates to help you request couriers, stationery and medical reimbursement.

Learning and Development Module

This module is related to continuous improvement, as mentioned at the start of this blog. Employees need ongoing training on a variety of important topics to stay current with market trends. This module offers a variety of useful trainings, including teamwork training and telephone/email etiquettes. It also includes cost analysis training, need training, time management, business communication training, as well as a multitude of other valuable trainings.

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