8 Best Online Website Screenshot APIs in 2022


An online website screenshot API is a functional tool which plays many crucial roles. This list of 8 best screenshot APIs in 2022 can help you make a sound decision. 

Application Programming Interfaces or APIs are functional tools that have notably helped web developers. Similarly, an online website screenshot API is highly beneficial if you wish to capture an entire website or screen. 

Screen capturing is a crucial aspect since these shots or videos are used by every business for making tutorial videos, tutorial manuals for new trainees, slideshow presentations and many more. Hence, screenshot APIs are gaining rapid popularity as more web developers use them to build applications that include more features. 

Top 8 Website Screenshot API

The website screenshot API plays a major role in the web development procedure. The API you are using will largely influence the performance of the screen captures. 

To make the selection process easier, we have listed below 8 best online website screenshot API in 2022. 

  1. Rasterwise API

The Rasterwise API allows you to take high-quality screenshots of websites, web pages or the desktop screen and even facilitates editing and sharing over different platforms via webhooks and emails. 

This screenshot API offers the most customizable features including display resolution, capture rendering and image formats (JPEG and PNG). It is highly functional on Javascript and CSS and hides cookie disclaimers from the images you capture. 

  1. Ariesbrow- Online Website Screenshot API 

This online website screenshot API is a free and simple tool, ideal for beginners. It lets you take screenshots and share it to a highly functional image sharing platform, Imgur. To use this, you need to enter the URL of the website you want to capture, your Imgur ID and the resolution of the screenshot to be generated. 

Once you enter the necessary contents, you will get another URL to download the captured shots. 

  1. Pagepeeker API

This screenshot generator API is advantageous if you want quick results. Here, you need to provide the URL of the website which you want to capture and automated screenshots will be generated. 

This is easy to use and you need to specify certain elements like the screenshot size, given that it facilitates four sizes- tiny, small, large and extra large. 

  1. Screenshotslayer website API

This powerful screenshot generator API allows you to obtain accurate screenshots through the URL of the website you want to capture. 

It includes additional features like setting the viewport size, capturing the full length of a webpage and even specifying the width of the screenshot pixels as per your needs. It supports JPEG, PNG and GIF image formats. 

  1. Purplescreenshots API

This is an efficient online website screenshot API, mostly beneficial if you prefer high-scale optimizations. 

It generates clear screenshots once you enter the targeted URL. You can optimize different parameters including custom user agent, full page display, image format, delay parameter and timeframe for cached screenshots. 

  1. JSON Whois screenshot API

This popular web screenshot API is notably fast and has a user friendly domain. To capture a particular domain, you need to enter its name and wait for the captures to be auto generated.

Once done, this tool will provide you with a downloadable JSON object which contains the link to your screenshot. Moreover, it has the unique feature of generating information about that domain’s social media. Also, this API is helpful if you want other information like Alexa data and registration details. 

  1. Getscreenshots Website API

If you are looking for highly accurate screenshot results, this API is the tool for you. 

This is a free screenshot generating API which has a comprehensive documentation. You shall provide the website URL and in return, you will receive a JSON object containing the URL to the generated screenshot. 

  1. Thumbnail website screenshots API

This website screenshot API tool lets you capture websites, regardless of the version. You can take screenshots from the mobile, desktop and full-page version of a targeted website.

It supports only two formats, JPEG and PNG, for the image to be generated. While entering the URL, you need to enter the width of the final output for favorable results. 

In conclusion, an online website screenshot API is an effective tool which is used by every business. Thus, you need to choose your API carefully while using them. 

Assess your requirements from the API carefully and check if they cater to your specifications. Also, take care of the budget factor while choosing one. 

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