What to look for when you buy bongs online? 

Getting high is a captivating experience. So if you are surrounded by captivating and interesting objects, the experience is enhanced. How would you feel using a dull-colored and featureless bong to get high? Probably this is the reason you have decided to buy a good-looking bong for good times. 

Whether it’s your first or last time, choosing a perfect bong is pretty perplexing. Isn’t it? There are bongs in countless different styles, designs, percolators, and glass thicknesses to be chosen from. After you go through this guide, you’ll be able to easily narrow down your search. These are some of the main features of a bong you need to consider when you come to buy bongs online:


There are several types of bong available from straight tubes, beaker bongs, and recyclers. In straight tubes, the smoke is mostly dense but clears quickly. Whereas, in beaker bongs, the smoke does not get as dense as the body is bigger. Recyclers have the facility to recycle the water. So smokers who mostly smoke concentrates need it. If you’re a beginner, it’s best if you go for a straight tube or a beaker bong. 


This is a disputed topic because no large group of stoners could agree on a set of percolators. It seems like everyone has their personal choice and they don’t easily change it. Regardless of that, there are some parameters you can scale to make a fine choice when you buy bongs online. One of them is the smoothness you get from the filtration, another is the amount of drag it gives when you pull smoke through the tiny holes. If you are getting a new bong, you can skip on the percolator. If you have too many percolators, you also have the added task of cleaning the smudge from all of them left by drags. 


The material of a bong is an important considering factor as it determines the aesthetic quality and durability. Although glass is the most common material choice for bongs, they are also available in silicone, ceramic, acrylic, and other materials. 

Glass: Glass is the most popular because it is a brittle material and does not interfere with the quality or flavor of the smoke. Although glass easily breaks, high-quality glass like borosilicate glass resists well to high temperatures. 

Silicone: Why do you think silicone is used to make bongs? They might not look as aesthetic or classic as a glass bong, silicone bongs are very cheap, shatter-proof, and dishwasher safe too. At the same time, silicone bongs are easier to transport and clean. 

But these bongs usually come in smaller sizes which provides less airflow. The taste and quality of a hit are also inferior to glass bongs. To get the most out of a silicone buy, buy one with a glass bowl. 

Acrylic: Acrylic is a hard plastic material and acrylic bongs are the cheapest and could cost as little as $5. If you smoke on an acrylic bong, don’t expect a pleasant experience. 

Ceramic: Before any of these materials came into being, ceramic has been used to make earthenware products. These bongs give a neutral taste and could be molded into various designs but due to the weight of the ceramic, the bongs are very heavy. 

Joint sizes

Commonly, bongs come in two joint sizes, i.e., 14mm and 18mm. It’s convenient if you buy bongs of the same joint sizes. For instance, if you bought a 14mm joint bong, it is advantageous for you if you buy the same now. In case a slide or a downstem breaks, you can mix and match and they will all fit together. 

What bong size should I buy?

Who do you consider yourself, a beginner? If you think you’re a beginner, smaller bongs would be convenient for you. This is because they need lesser lung capacity to inhale than larger bongs. Smaller the bong, the stealthier it is. If you need to hide your bong from time to time, large bongs could make the job pretty difficult. 

Whereas, larger bongs give powerful hits due to their longer smoke chambers. Large bongs are only for seasoned potheads. Grand, epic-designed bongs are the perfect choice for parties. If you’re a somewhat regular user, medium sizes bongs of 10 to 14 inches work best. 

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