Top Treks in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is placing itself first in offering us to many of the bestowed beauty treks with unique featured landscapes. Treks around Uttarakhand are best offering all with its unique features to attract the tourists all around the world. Uttarakhand is one of the best tourism countries in the world. Uttarakhand has bagged a great name and fame with all its treasure beauties such as treks in it.

Valley of flowers trek

There is no limit for your adventurous plans and exciting things to have at Uttarakhand, valley of flowers trek. Campaign a side of blue watered serene lakes and having a pleasant bonfire,a beautiful night under millions of stars.You can have a bunch of options to call your touring trips.Want to enjoy all the moments to make a diary of collections that stays longly in your life chart. Then what are you waiting for just to pack your luggage with things to carry and ahead to the most beautiful valley of flowers trek. You’ll surely observe the feel of goosebumps on your skin with the beauties of the valley of flowers trek offers.

Kedarkantha trek

Kedarkantha is also the best so called nature amidst the destination. Nature lovers can enjoy all sorts of nature interaction with you. Calling yourself or someone else out loud within nature will give a greater relief than hiding it in yourself. you can experience the best night stays ,and enjoy the Milky way of starry night with perfect mesmerized bonfires. Having stayed at Kedarkantha and enjoying your day at pleasant nature with blue clear sky, pure air will last forever in your memories.

Dayara Bugyal

Trekking is also another best adventurous activity to do at Khardung-La Pass Trek. Dayara Bugyal is giving it’s best to offer all types of enthusiastic and adventurous activities to the tourists. Trekking at rough pathed terrains is really a challenging activity, an adventurous guy can only confront the experience of facing it. You can enjoy the trek period in between the best scenic beauties and nature views, heartwarming glances all around Dayara Bugyal Trek. You’ll surely enjoy the taste of your journey and trekking is a perfect choice to confront it. Everything in the Dayara Bugyal Trek is bestowed beauty to behold. If you go through the tour by trekking you’ll be introduced to some mesmerizing places. 

Auden’s Col Trek 

You can expect the trail trekking of Auden’s col trek almost an elevation of 18,012 ft. Auden’s cold trek is one of the most popular toughest treks with boulders, cliffs, endless glaciers  and moraines etc. This trek is only suggestable for fit personalities and mentally strengthened trekkers. By all means,  trekkers need to be experienced and challenging and also adventurous. 

Panpatia Col Trek 

Panpatia Col Trek is located in Uttarakhand of Garhwal region. It is standing at an elevation of 5260 m. The initial point of this trek is from Badrinath and the ending point is Ransi. The entire trek distance is covered within 61 km. The complete 11 is required to Trek all around. Panpatia Col Trek stands in between the two unnamed ranges. Most challenging experienced trekkers can add this trek in their bucket list. Technical skills and prior experience is suggestable.

Chopta Chandrashila Trek, Uttarakhand

Chopta Chandrashila trekking is also the best thing you can do there .Trekking at Chopta Chandrashila is surely a challenging decision and this activity is done on the rough terrains, in between the unpredictable weather conditions etc. As you choose trekking make sure you are having Uv glasses to get rid of yourself from harmful sun UV rays which causes skin allergies. Sunscreen to make your body always wet , not dry. Glove caps,warm clothes, and documents such as IDs torch, first aid kits and windcheaters etc.

1. You can even try out the trekking trails which range just moderate to tough levels.

2. Tough in terms ,choose upon your abilities. 

3.The highlights of Chopta Chandrashila trekking is a hilarious experience.

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