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Table tennis is known as Ping Pong ball game. It is played on flat table that is divided into two equal courts. It has a net fixed across its width. The game of table tennis is popular all over the world. Some of the basic rules of table tennis is : Games are played to eleven points. Get alternative serves with every two points. Toss the ball straight up when serving. Table tennis is known as the game of ping pong and whiff whaff. It is a sport where two or four players hit a lightweight ball. Englishman David Foster invented table tennis. The table tennis game is a match that is best of five games. 

Table tennis improves mind-body stimulation and is an aerobic exercise. Get social interaction with table tennis. Play table tennis with table tennis tables in Brisbane. Get the experience of playing tennis in the midst of greenery and nature. Table tennis is generally played indoors. For playing outdoors play table tennis in right weather conditions. There are health benefits of playing tennis. It increases aerobic capacities. It lowers pressure. It improves metabolic function. It increases bone density. It improves muscle tone. Tennis is a workout for entire body. Table tennis regulate decision making, and voluntary movements. 

Basic skills in Table tennis : 

The table tennis have following skills:

Get Forehand drive technique

Backhand pushand Forehand push . 

Forehand flick

Backhand flick

Backhand topspin close to the table.

Backhand loop the under spin ball. 

Forehand fast serve.

Table tennis is an expensive game and it is translated in anglo Norman term named ‚Äútenez”. It means to receive and take. Being able to consistently hit ping pong ball is the most important skill in Table tennis game. The game requires stamina and strength. Table tennis is a tough sport. The important rule in table tennis is that the ball must first bounce on your side and then in your opponents. Table tennis and ping pong is essentially the same game. Table tennis is played by amateur and professional players and is definitely an indoor sport. 

The standard table tennis table should meet  as per the International Table tennis federation. It should measure 2.74m long, 1.525 m wide and should be 76 cm high. Table tennis is a fitness sport that are played in outdoors in Brisbane. There are table tennis tables installed in open park area space. 

Shops that sell table tennis Tables : 

Purchase the table tennis tables from Aussie Table tennis shop in Brisbane. There are T&R sports in Brisbane, North Lakes Table tennis, Centenary table tennis club, Sports Leisure are some of the shops that supply table tennis table in Brisbane. 

Parks where Table tennis tables are installed :

Downey Park, Greenways Esplanade, Oriel park, Yimbun Park, Orleigh park, Kangaroo Point Cliff park are some of the places in park that  have installed Table tennis. 

One can borrow Table tennis balls and bats from Bracken Ridge, Hamilton, Paddington and Walter Taylor. The table tennis is a part of Gold coast 2018 Commonwealth games initiative that is delivered by Brisbane City council.

The large recreation park in Brisbane features a table tennis space. Get state of art facilities in Brisbane for table tennis. Get high quality table tennis table at competitive pricing. Get indoor and outdoor table tennis tables in Brisbane. Play the sport with table tennis tables in Brisbane

Plan a trip to Brisbane and learn about this outdoor sport that was initially played indoors. There’re several recreational parks in Brisbane where table tennis tables are installed. Many sports professional practice the game outdoor in the midst of nature and surrounding.

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